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The reading plan we’ve developed is intended to not only give structure for reading Scripture, but to help facilitate a posture of living with Scripture.  The plan is designed to read through the “heart” of Scripture every year and read through the rest of Scripture every 3 years.  Lastly, it is designed to dwell with the Psalms and Wisdom Literature, and let these words and prayers dwell within us.

Section 1- The “Heart”

  • Torah (or Pentateuch)- These readings go through the First 5 Books of the Old Testament.The Torah section is understood within Judaism to show the heart of God from the beginning, his partnership with the nation of Israel, and their struggle to trust the story.

  • Gospels and Acts- This section goes through all 4 Gospels and Acts. It reveals God’s plan (from the beginning) to make his grace, truth, and love known to all nations through Christ and his church.


Both portions are mostly in Narrative format, which teaches us to reflect and “chew” on the characters, themes, and connections of the stories. The idea is to focus on truly understanding Jesus by reading through his story every year.


Section 2- Additional Scripture

  • Old Testament- This focuses on the history and prophets of Israel.

  • New Testament- This goes through the epistles and Revelation.


We’ll go through the rest of Scripture every 3 years, so that we are experiencing all of God’s heart and call to his people without being overwhelmed by the reading.


Section 3- Psalms and Writings

  • Psalm- 1 Psalm a day to pray through and reflect upon.

  • Wisdom- This consists of Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Solomon.  Why not let God’s wisdom be poured into us on a daily (or at least weekly) basis!


This is the section we are to truly live with.  We should read it, but slow, reflecting on the emotions experienced by the authors, the confidence they have in God.  Then, let this section guide our day.

Click here to access the reading plan.

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